“yossi and jagger”


Yossi commands a company of soldiers in the snow-covered mountains near Lebanon. In secrecy, he leads a passionate romantic relationship with his second-in-command officer, Lior, who is called Jagger by everyone for his rock star-like handsomeness and his lip-syncing Mick Jagger. The pair, Yossi and Jagger, lead a loving, yet secret life together, venturing off to be alone and open with one another.

One day, a colonel arrives at the base with two female soldiers, one of whom he immediately sleeps with in the bunker. The other one, Yaeli, is very interested in Jagger, while she refuses the sexual advances of Ofir, who tries to make clear to her that Jagger is not particularly interested in her.

The colonel is there to supervise a night-time ambush, of which Yossi is resentful because of the full moon, and also because he fears for his soldiers' safety. And indeed Jagger is fatally injured that night, dying in the arms of his lover, who only now is able to articulate his love for him.

Starring Ohad Knoller, Yehuda Levi and Assi Cohen.

Out on Film showing Yossi and Jagger

“Yossi and Jagger”  FREE SCREENING


Out on Film showing Yossi and Jagger

A 2002 film with a romance that blooms between two soldiers stationed in an Israeli outpost on the Lebanese border.

This is the original film from which this year’s sequel, “Yossie,” was based.




Out on Film showing Yossi and Jagger
Out on Film showing Yossi and Jagger
Out on Film showing Yossi and Jagger

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