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Women’s Shorts – Finding Family

Saturday, October 5, 12:45 pm

“The Devotion Project: Foremost in My Mind” (US, Anthony Osso) “The Devotion Project” is a series of short documentaries celebrating LGBTQ couples and families. “Foremost in My Mind” follows the love story of Gail Marquis, an Olympic medalist, and Audrey Smaltz, a former model.

“The First Date” (US, Janella Lacson) As she determines whether there will be second date, Amanda recalls the awkwardness of her first date with a super hot sous chef.

 “Getting to Baby: Creating a Family in the 21st Century” (US, Collin Seidor) An Atlanta-area lesbian couple try fertility, adoption and then have children through surrogacy.

 “Remember to Breathe” (US, Marc Salatrelli) Lee Meriwether and Susan Blakely star in this touching, beautiful look at a former musical star looking for meaning in her golden years.

 “Social Butterfly” (US, Lauren Wolkstein) When a 30-year-old American woman crashes a party in the South of France, people wonder who she is.

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Men’s Shorts – Love, Laughs…and a Bar Musical

Saturday, October 5, 3:00 pm

“A Backside Approach” (Israel, Nimrod Rinot) Broad comedy about a male couple and acondom that goes missing after sex – in one of their backsides.

“dik” (Australia, Christopher Stollery) When a six year old boy brings a piece of artwork home from school, it leads his parents to question his sexual orientation – as well as theirs.

“Housebroken” (US, Wade Gasque) Looking for love, a gay man thinks he has found a perfect couple.

“Scaffolding” (Spain, Juanma Carrillo)  Eduardo and David are neighbors in a building undergoing construction who have never really spoken. A scaffold comes between them – literally – and brings out a friendship.

“Shabbat Dinner” (US, Michael Morgenstern) Friday night dinner on New York’s Upper West Side is boring as usual for William Shore. His mother is showing off, his father is drunk and berating their oddball guests, and he doesn't have much in common with their son Virgo ... until they discover they both share a secret.

“Something Real” (US, Guy Shalem) Packed with familiar faces – Coco Peru, Jack Plotnick, Bruce Vilanch and more – this look at a West Hollywood bar turns tuneful, thanks to the help of Jeff Marx (“Avenue Q”).

“Spooners” (US, Bryan Horch) When he finally convinces his husband to get rid of their tired old mattress, Nelson has an adventure at the mattress store.

“Yeah, Kowalski” (US, Evan Roberts) A thirteen-year-old with no arm hair tries to impress a boy.

Everything Under the Rainbow Shorts - only $5.00

Tuesday, October 8, 6:00 pm

“Adults Only” (US, Michael Saul)  An encounter at a porn arcade gives hope to a man recently shattered and broken by a breadk-up)

“Chaser” (USA, 2012, 15 min , Sal Bardo)  A young gay man, a schoolteacher – feeling alienated from his community and Jewish family -  finds comfort in the New York barebacking world.

“Get Down Glenda” (US,  Nicole Allyn Rogers)  When saucy drag queen Queen Glenda Gladcock is pushed into retirement for younger, sexier queens, she considers hanging up the costumes, but a friend suggests otherwise.

“The Forest” (US, Frank Helmer) When a young hiker encounters a sexy stranger deep in the woods, suddenly, nothing is what it seems. A novice hiker exploring a lush forest with the help of a smart phone application, is closely watched by a host of wild animals.

Everything Under the Rainbow Shorts II - only $5.00

Wednesday, October 9, 12:00 pm

“Brighton” (US, Pierre Stefanos) From award-winning Stefanos (“Bedfellows”), “Brighton” focuses on the chance meeting of two strangers in the south coastal town made famous by Queen Victoria, Graham Greene, and The Who.

“Getting to Baby” (encore)

“My Night With Andrew Cunanan” (Devin Kordt-Thomas) Inspired by real life events in 1997, the film questions whether a young, gay drunken man’s decisions during a San Francisco encounter with future serial killer Andrew Cunanan could have saved the lives of five men, including fashion icon Gianni Versace.

“Raymond” (Mark Reyes) A terminally ill gay man comes home to seek forgiveness from the lover he abandoned. But redemption comes from an unlikely source.

“Remember to Breathe” (encore)

Best of Shorts

Encores of the audience award-winning short films, and a few extras - only $5.00

Thursday, October 10, 5:30 pm

“Barbie Boy” (US, Nick Corporon) Seven year old Bobby likes to play with dolls, despite his father’s objections.

“Finale” (US, Jeremy 0’Keefe) A family comes together on the eve of the matriarch's final hours in hospice care, in this Atlanta-produced film.

“The Package” (Brazil, Rafael Aidar ) A new student in town meets a classmate – and has to reveal to him that he is HIV positive.

“Whispers of Life” (US, Joshua Ferguson) A young man considering suicide gets advice from another in the park.



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