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Gay seniors in their golden years.

A joyous film about artist James Broughton.

Focus on openly LGBT elected officials.

Film about rights of same-sex couples.

Wakefield Poole’s life as an erotic filmmaker.

The life and work of writer Gore Vidal.

The outrageous life of Divine.

Heart-warming story of intersexed group.

Spiritual sanctuary, sex and sisterhood.

Lesbian activists of the 70s and 80s.

This Titan Man is all man, except…

Caught between love, life and religion.

Hollywood star and scientist fight AIDS virus.

Interracial desire. Black-white stereotypes.

African Americans and same-sex equality.

9/11 hero and rugby player Mark Bingham.

The journey from surrogacy to fatherhood.

The tragic results of school bullying.

I’m A Porn Star
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Up close with today’s porn stars.

The Campaign
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The Prop 8 LGBT marriage fight.

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