The day after her fortieth birthday, Anna comes to the conclusion that it’s time for the madness to stop. She lives in her friend’s back yard tool shed; her career as a filmmaker isn’t paying her bills and worst of all it’s been ten years since she’s had a girlfriend. A hardscrabble life that seemed charming and adventurous in her twenties seems desperate and dire in middle age. She was once an adventurous jet setter & queen of night. Most move on from such a lifestyle before they hit 40. But not Anna. That’s why something has to change. And soon. Starring Albelo, lesbian fave Guinevere Turner and a scene-stealing Carrie Preston.


Guinevere Turner

Carrie Preston

Janina Gavankar

Agnes Olech

Drew Droege

Joel Michaely

Celeste Pechous

Gloria Sandoval

Anna Margarita Albelo


“Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf”


Poor Anna just can’t seem to get it together. A decade ago she found success making short films in Paris but since then… nothing. Now she lives in her friend’s garage and chain smokes. It all begins to change when she meets her muse, Katia (Janina Gavankar). But how will she win her over? She’ll pen an all female re-make of Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf and ask Katia to star in it.




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Monday, October 7  *  7:00 pm  *   83 minutes  *  Director: Margarita Albelo