In this sexy, romantic, and uncomfortably chilling tale of love and deception from first time director Marcelo Briem Stamm, two men meet in a chat room but when they eventually meet in person and the sexual sparks are hot. While sex is satisfying and often, it is their collective problems with intimacy, trust and the fear of being hurt that make them hesitant to commit fully. As their relationship develops, both reveal secrets from their past but these revelations may be real, imagined or outright lies. You might not ever want a one-night stand again. (sub-titled)

Cast: Patricio Ramos, Mario Veron, Carlos Echevarria, Laura Agorreca, Mike Zubi




This sexy romantic thriller keeps you guessing. Be sure to stay after the closing credits.



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Friday, October 4  *  11:20 pm  *   80 minutes   *   Director: Marcelo Briem Stamm

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