“lesbiana - A Parallel revolution”


As active second-wave feminists, many lesbian women began to recognize that their sexual identity was not acknowledged or embraced by the traditional women’s movement. These artists, musicians, philosophers, and writers forged connections at music festivals and other events as they sought to establish communities centered exclusively on women. Not content with the goal of changing the world, these women sought to create a new one by establishing an existence where patriarchy simply did not exist.

Women-only communities began to flourish in North America and around the world, resulting in a rich and vibrant culture that inspired important lesbian art, literature, and music. These personal stories represent the movement’s incredible diversity of race, class, background, and political views, which often united them but would also sometimes divide. Told through photographs, archival footage, and contemporary interviews, Fougère’s film serves not only as a testament to the politics of the era, but also as a living yearbook and virtual reunion of these remarkable women, who laid the groundwork for the way we all now live.


“Lesbiana - A Parallel Revolution”


Join filmmaker Myriam Fougère’s road trip through the United States and Canada as she revisits the lesbian activists of the ’70s and ’80s who sparked a revolution to define their own culture.




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Monday, October 7  *  5:40 pm   *   63 minutes  *  Director: Myriam Fougere