The first question any new parent asks… “Is it a boy or a girl?”

What if it’s neither?

1 in 2,000 babies is born with genitalia so ambiguous that the doctors cannot easily answer this question.

In this groundbreaking documentary, intersex individuals reveal the secrets of their unconventional lives – and how they have navigated their way through this strictly male/female world, when they fit somewhere in between.

“Because this is something no-one ever talks about,” director Grant Lahood explains. “Every new parent of an intersex child is faced with a situation which they believe is a rare medical emergency. As one of our interviewees says: ‘intersex isn’t uncommon, it’s just unheard of’.”

Wellington therapist Mani Mitchell agrees. Because of he/r position as a visible intersex person working with families she comes across many parents who struggle to understand what’s best for their newly born intersex child.

“I hope this documentary will show everyone that the ‘shame and secrecy’ model hasn’t worked – and that intersex children can grow up to make informed choices about their own bodies.




Intersexion is a heart-warming story of a group of intersex people society has never heard about. With a mix of laughter and tears they tell their stories.




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Monday, October 7  *  4:00 pm  *   68 minutes   *   Director: Grant Lahood