“ThE Falls: Testament of Love”


RJ (Nick Ferrucci) is a high school athlete who’s now out of education and keen to take on missionary work, spreading the word of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of The Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons). It’s something many thousands of young Mormons do, so RJ heads away from home and gets paired with Chris (Ben Farmer).

Together they are tasked with going out and spreading the word, trying to get as many people interested in their religion as possible, with the hope the newcomers will eventually be baptized as Mormons. Although they initially take to their task with fervor, Chris soon begins to flag and doubt whether they’re doing the right thing. Slowly the two young men fall for one another – something that’s particularly difficult in their church, which is deeply homophobic.

Their new found love coincided with their slacking off from hustling potential converts and starting to actually have some fun for the first time but when their Supervisor comes to check out what’s up and he gets an eyeful of naked flesh, then the game is up.  Now they will have to head home in disgrace and face their families and their faith. At this point the original film ended.

Now the sequel “The Falls: A Testament of Love” continues their story. It takes place some five years later when they find themselves together again. The feelings they shared resurface and once again they are faced with difficult issues and choices. They once again risk hurting the people they love and care about as together they begin a journey to find freedom and happiness.

See how it all began. “The Falls” 2012 trailer.

“The Falls: Testament of Love”

"The Falls: A Testament of Love" is the story of RJ and Chris, two former Mormon missionaries who fell in love on their mission. This is the sequel to the popular 2012 film “The Falls.”

East Coast Premiere



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Thursday, October 10 *  6:00 pm  *  214 Minutes  *  Director: Jon Garcia